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Ironman Hawaii bike course

About Endurance Data

One race tells many stories

What's Endurance Data?!?

In endurance sports many things can happen during a race. One moment an athlete looks like he is going to win, a few minutes later he is struggling and you can not be sure whether he or she will see the finish line.

Since the media coverage only covers the professional athletes many surprising turns, battles and competitions within the competition remain unseen. Endurance Data tries to make at least one part of them visible - the numbers!

Endurance Data analyses race results and visualises them. Moreover you can compare athletes against each other and compare a result to the average performance of an age group, the gender or all participants.

Race analyses

The race analyses provides some interesting information about one athletes race. Here you can find an interactive graph that allows you to compare the difference in time or the difference in speed to any other athlete who competed in the same race. By default the athlete is compared with some faster and some slower athletes of his or her division. Moreover you can find some split times and even rankings for each and every split and the split times are compared to average times of division, gender and all athletes.

Ironman Hawaii Slots/Qualification

On the "Statistics" page of an Ironman competition you can find times, which were needed to qualify for the Ironman World Championship on Hawaii. These times are not the real qualification times, because the rolldown of a slot is not taken into account. Therefore it is possible that some slower athletes qualified for the Ironman Hawaii as well. Nevertheless the times, that you can find in the table, provide a good overview on strength of the field and the toughness of the course.



Calculated average times


Segments Times